Presly Pest Control specialises in agricultural pest control, our technicians all have a rural background and are experienced in dealing with the unique challenges that agricultural pest control poses

Our service complies with all auditing standards including SQC, TASK and FEMAS

The services we offer include

  • Rodent prevention, control and proofing work
  • Insect prevention and control including insecticide treatment of grain stores
  • Bird proofing works, humane trapping and eradication programmes.

 Presly Pest Control have provided the pest control services for W N Lindsay for over ten years, they provide a professional, effective service to control rodents at our grain storage facilities. The service is tailored to our individual sites and meets the requirements of all our auditing bodies. I am extremely happy with our working relationship and would have no hesitation recommending Presly Pest Controls services. 

Andrew Stephen, W N Lindsay

 Harbro has used Presly Pest Control as a contractor since 1994, they provide effective rodent control at our Turriff and Inverness animal feed mills and at our retail outlets. All call outs and enquires are dealt with quickly and professionally. Their technicians work closely with our staff to provide a flexible and efficient solution to control rodents in the challenging environment of our mills and stores. We enjoy a good working relationship with Presly Pest Control and would recommend their services. 

Arleen Davidson, Harbro Ltd, Turriff